Pre-visualization, Getting Lucky, or Cheating? – Evolution of an Image

Ansel Adams, among other photographers, advocated for the use of “pre-visualization,” wherein the photographer has the final print image in mind before he meters, composes, and executes the original exposure in the camera. This purposeful mental exercise is intended to direct the photographer’s efforts to realize an intended photographic outcome, as opposed to merely a serendipitous, or “lucky shot.” While acknowledging the value in making … Continue reading Pre-visualization, Getting Lucky, or Cheating? – Evolution of an Image

Oshkosh, July 2018

I attend the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) annual convention in Oshkosh, Wisconsin every year. The EAA calls it AirVenture, but most pilots still just call it “Oshkosh.”  For pilots and flying fanatics, it is the ultimate destination venue to appease the aviation addiction. Regardless of your specific interest in aviation or aircraft in particular, Oshkosh is also a unique opportunity for photography, with first class … Continue reading Oshkosh, July 2018

Black and White Artistry Class

Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Michael Kenna, Brett Weston, Sebastio Selgado, Nick Brandt, Cole Thompson – all masters of the art of black and white photography.  How does one find the path to such a level of artistry and hope to join it? From June through August 2017 I participated in a 7 week photography class, “Black and White Artistry,” at the Richard Stromberg Chicago Photography … Continue reading Black and White Artistry Class