Pre-visualization, Getting Lucky, or Cheating? – Evolution of an Image

Ansel Adams, among other photographers, advocated for the use of “pre-visualization,” wherein the photographer has the final print image in mind before he meters, composes, and executes the original exposure in the camera. This purposeful mental exercise is intended to direct the photographer’s efforts to realize an intended photographic outcome, as opposed to merely a serendipitous, or “lucky shot.” While acknowledging the value in making … Continue reading Pre-visualization, Getting Lucky, or Cheating? – Evolution of an Image

Plane Perspectives on Composition

In the aftermath of a recent still-life studio session, I experienced a mini-epiphany for me in regards to photo composition.  Please don’t run away now – this will not be another regurgitation of the classic rules of composition. No dissertation on the rule of thirds, the golden spiral or golden ratio, leading lines, framing, balancing elements, Fibonaci’s number, or whatever.  My point is is not … Continue reading Plane Perspectives on Composition

Film Digitizing Gotcha!

As my earlier posts have noted, I have been exploring various options to digitize my film negatives and slides.  I have an Epson V700 flatbed scanner, a Plustek Opticfilm 120 scanner, and have also tried scanning using a Fuji XT-1 APS-C (16 MP) digital mirrorless camera with both a Leitz BEOON copy stand, and more recently, using a Minolta Copy Stand II.  The scan quality … Continue reading Film Digitizing Gotcha!